My name is Aisling Raphael Marray. I'm a gamer, a big sister, a B-movie aficionado and a big fan of sharks. This is where I put my art.
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Child soldier sketches
Little brother I love you with all my heart but I’m so glad you got a haircut so I never have to draw that mess again. 
So, uh I watched Beauty and the Beast last night and this happened. 

“You learn how to make cakes and watch the people cry.”

—   My Granny, on why she enjoys the Great British Bake Off. 

So me and my awesome siblings stayed up playing pokeymans last night like the cool dudes we are. (Pokeymans was invented by Noelle Stevenson and can be found over here but has become a household game with the three of us). We all cried at the abominations we created. From top to bottom we have Seonagh, Gabriel and me. Go home and badly describe pokemon to your loved ones, you’ll have a great time. 

More granny. Always granny. Non stop granny. This time personal beauty and film reviews. 

We’ve taken granny on holiday and we’re being spoiled with golden comedy nuggets from her non stop, so it’d be a crime if I didn’t scrappily record them and share them with the world at large.